Why I Like Barak Hussein Obama—But Not For President:

In brief: I like Barak Obama, but not for president: he seems like a nice guy, someone I could enjoy a cup of coffee and conversation with.  But his decisions seem out-of sync with the results of his policies. The outcomes of his policies don’t add up with what he says.

I personally like Barak H. Obama.  Anyone who survives law school to move right into national politics earns my respect!  In many ways, Barak Obama is the quintessential American: the crowning result of Great Society programs and laws that enable the success of free enterprise choices to all races and creeds!  Isn’t that why Obama ran in 2008 on the platform of, “hope and change”?  I also respect his family, with its rocky road between Kenya, Hawaii and Indonesia–  especially when you listen to his half-brother, George Obama, in Kenya (see Dinesh D’Souza’s film, “2016”)  George struck me as an honest man, wishing that the Colonialists stayed long enough to build hospitals and universities in Kenya— leaving the Kenyans to rule themselves.  Not so.  Maybe, I thought, Barak could help.

I like Barak Obama, but not for President.  I question his executive orders and his decisions.  Looking at the Middle East today, it seems like America has lost footing in the war on terror.  It doesn’t seem like our previous strides made there have been sustained.  Like with the attacks at Benghazi and Cairo.  Obama recently gave the ruling Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt 1.4 billon dollars.  And Congress is deliberating if they should get the other 4 billion dollars Obama has requested.  The CIA testifies to a Congressional investigation into Libya that there have been dozens of attacks in recent months, when Benghazi had been executed on one of America’s most reverent days, 9/11.  I’ve been to the NYC 9/11 memorial.  It’s humbling to walk among gargantuan buildings and thousands of people from all over the world, the epitome of diversity.  I wish all people could live freely and peacefully under the umbrella of security.

I am also deeply concerned about Iran especially when it tells the media that it will obliterate Israel.   President Obama continues to advocate for economic sanctions against Iran, yes: but 11 nations are exempt from sanctions in order to buy Iran’s oil.  Mr. Obama declined seeing Netanyahu, opting instead for phone time, freeing him to guest on The View and then jet to Las Vegas to campaign with Beyonce.  The Israeli people are preparing with gas masks and bomb shelters in their homes.  When Sarkozy was President of France, he and Mr. Obama were unknowingly taped expressing their disdain for Netanyahu.  I don’t understand these inconsistencies between words and actions.  Alan M. Dershowitz, of Harvard Law School–  Mr. Obama’s alma mater—said that we should be very concerned with the Obama Administration’s relationship with Israel.  And he’s not the only one: Ed Koch, former NY Major, Senator Charles Schumer (D- NY) and Eliot Engel (D-NY) have also expressed grave concerns.  Yet, VP Joe Biden said that not since Harry Truman, has any other American president done so much for Israel, but Barak Obama.

I like Barak Obama, just not as the American President: our economy has deteriorated.  He campaigns that he inherited this mess, but inheritance implies being an heir: Mr. Obama asked Americans to elect him to this job.  He has incurred 6-trillion more dollars of debt—it’s growing by the minute.  Borrowing money to buy things is not a good idea in my opinion.  I would rather that he and Congress would follow the national law and create a budget–  I think good leadership should work ‘across the aisle,’ in Congress and bring the parties together.  He promised to bring people together.  America spends 2-billion dollars a week just servicing our debt!  I don’t know anyone who wants our kids—mine or yours— to inherit massive debt.  Right now, 47 million Americans live on food stamps: up from 30 million since Obama’s administration, so, what happened?  If the economy is on the mend, why do more Americans need food stamps?  Unemployment stats are perplexing, too–  some say it’s 8%, but the Pew Charitable Trusts Economic Mobility Project and the National Urban League reported that “most economic gains that the black middle class made during the last 30 years have been wiped out by the economic downturn,” according to the Chicago Tribune.  (see http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/tribune-black-gains-wiped/2012/10/08/id/459096)  My friends all are struggling, black and white, and some have taken jobs after layoffs, making half of what they made five years ago.  8.7 million Americans live on Disability— maybe the government counts them as, ‘employed,’  but Disability will be broke in just a few years.  In Colorado, 85,000 people enrolled on Disability this past year, while only 80,000 got jobs.  (see Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle, September 201, page 1.)http://www.glendalecherrycreek.com/social-security-disability-thousands-in-the-valley-flock-to-join-its-ranks/

All these data do not point in a good direction.

Then there’s Medicare/Advantage: it’s coverage is reduced by 716 billions of dollars taken away for Obamacare.  The deficit will be covered by an 8 billion dollar ‘bonus.’  The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform is investigating the legality of this ‘bonus.’  That’s two investigations by the HCOGR into President Obama’s administration— Benghazi-gate, as it is now called– and the ‘bonus’ plan which is called– “this scheme…. to minimize the impact of Obamacare’s cuts on seniors enrolled in Medicare Advantage before the election.”  (COGR.)  Interested readers can find this memo and more at: http://oversight.house.gov/release/oversight-presses-hhs-on-billion-dollar-scheme-designed-to-mask-obamacare-cuts/

All these things are disconcerting.  Especially when I think about the America I want to leave to following generations.  I know Barak Obama wants a good America for his daughters, but our decisions lead us to the future.  He seems like a really cool guy.  He likes basketball, golf, parties, hob-nobbing with celebrities—although he smokes cigarettes, which nobody should do— and he’s a father, a husband and very likeable.  I like Barak Obama.  But not for President.

–Suzy Right: Right On The Truth!

copyright 2012

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