After the Party… Sober Up– It’s Time To Go To Work!


In Brief….

            Despite political affiliations, ideologies and attitudes, we are all Americans in America… based upon Constitutionally guaranteed and recognized God-given freedoms.  No matter our physical or mental beginnings, our color, sex, creed, America is about Americans.  We work hard, play hard—we are the captains of our own destinies.  We’re all about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  After a tough 2012 election, some of us won–  some lost.  But we have not lost America.  It is now time to work together, to uphold the principles of America, the Beautiful.  We’re all in this together… laying aside our differences in order to embrace our common ground… for ourselves, for our grandchildren and for future generations.  The time is now… to get to work.  Like Americans always have and, God willing, always will.


            November 7th was a sobering day for many of us.  Despite the predictions, for good or for bad, many Americans were not prepared for the outcome.  Now, after having emailed the White House to congratulate President Obama, I also remind him that he has a job to do: to unite this country.  Every president has had that job: to preserve, protect and defend the US Constitution and defend America from its enemies, foreign and domestic.  The biggest enemy is hate.   America is not a country of hate, but of kindness, goodness, generosity—America is a country of love.  America is strong because of our love for others.  We just need to remind ourselves to look around and see this truth.

President Obama came to national office in 2008 on a platform of transparency, hope and change.  After the 2012 election, I am sick of too much hate and spewing mud-slinging and still hungry for transparency, hope and change.  I see too much fear.  Too many attacks from the media: media isn’t supposed to influence voters, but to report facts.  I’d frankly like to see and hear more about strength, integrity and fairness: honesty.  It’s time to go to work, America.  And work for sincere transparency, hope and change, and stop all the acrimony against those who happen to disagree!  We may disagree with each other, but, we are One Nation, Under God.  We’re all Americans here!  Let’s behave like the Americans we truly are!

The task is at hand: with fiscal cliff polices, acts of global Terrorism, pro-Democrat vs. pro-Republicans, the cost of oil, national health-care, abortion and the mystery of Libya–  there is enough disagreement and dissention to go around!  The old adage says, “either you are part of the problem or part of the solution.”  Truly, we all have a personal choice to keep spewing the mud, or bury the hatchet and move on–  to resolving these massively huge challenges.  What will be our choice as a country?  To add to the acrimony?  Or try to resolve these issues?

Let us remember that as Americans, we actually share more in common with each other than our differences.  Let us start to bridge our commonalities—for our sakes, as well as the sake of our future grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  Let’s dig our heels in and start the peace.  We don’t need more war.  We just need to go to work.  And in case you need a gentle reminder of exactly what we are, who we are, what America is all about, go to this link:

Let us all be who we are!  Free American men, women and children!  God Bless the United States of America! 


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