Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Holidays, Happy Seasons, One and All!

And Peace On Earth, Good Will To All Men, Women & Children, One and All!

Just wishing each and every one on this planet and beyond, a very merry holiday season… and looking forward to continued blogging after the New Year! Family, friends and food along with much merriment and singing make it nearly impossible (I am grateful to say!) to write much at this time! But looking forward to breaking new ground after the tinsel is swept away, the shredded gift wrap is tossed and the bills are paid… well, I won’t wait that long!

Wishes and blessings go out to the good folks in uniform, and a huge THANK YOU for your service to this great nation… and to all the great nations on earth! Our prayers go with our leaders in guiding our constituents with wisdom and love for God and country! And bless the families who put their children’s safety and bliss ahead of everything else. God Bless the good folk of Newtown… you remain in our thoughts and prayers.

And now, I will prepare with more dinner and conversation with family and friends as we prepare to ring in the New Year…. In the hope that Peace shall come to this beautiful planet and the entire universe. Peace to One and All, wherever you may reside.

And if you folks are having half as much fun as I am during this festive season, you will forgive my sloth in taking a break from the blogisphere and the ever-inspiring blog subjects! Thank you! And Happy New Year! See you in 2013!! Hohohohoho

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