Budget Cuts Too Great? Not At All! Follow The Lead Of The American People!

In brief…

I love my country! The land of the free and the home of the brave. But people are not perfect and right now, the United States government is engaged in war: a war of rhetoric, against itself. And a house divided cannot stand. There are those who would have the American people believe that sequestration of 10% budget cuts across the boards (excluding entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare,) would spell the end to civilization as we know it. Au contraire, mi capitan! House minority leadership declared on national TV that our 16-trillion dollar debt (and growing by the second,) is a ‘non-issue’…but, if that’s true, how can an 85-billion dollar sequestration (spending cuts,) mark a national disaster as the Executive and others purport? Many Americans already know what the government has yet to practice: yes, we all can live on less. Many of us already do.


Back about 15 years ago, my partner dragged home wearily from yet another grueling day on the hamster wheel: the new trigger-happy boss fired suppliers left and right, including my hard-working hubby’s prime account. The supplier was gone with the wind (along with the 10 year network,) our income loss was a staggering 50%. We had had no warning. We sat down with a pot of coffee, legal pad, calculator, pencils, erasers and our bill book and began to dump the debt. Gone was the new car at a thousand dollar loss, but a 300 dollar savings each month. Also gone were cable TV, vacations away from home, Saturday afternoon matinees, trips to the mall, restaurants and pricey gifts. With each pay period, our family would first express gratitude for the 40 or 50 dollars for our two-week food budget (factor $60.00 to $75.00 for today’s inflation.) Homemade veggie soups and breads became daily events. We learned to play chess and board games, listen to radio, read books, borrow tapes from the library and take hikes. We changed our lifestyle—but first had to change our attitude. Now, we remember those days as some of our best! Being broke is a temporary state, but poverty is a state of mind.

Now I’m just guessing here, but I’m sure we are not the only American family to have experienced a fiscal cliff. In fact, research shows that most Americans have undergone, at one point or another, a serious downgrade in income and cash flow. What happens to us is less important than how we respond. Those of us who live through tough times must gather our wits, our strength and our faith to tread on new paths. It’s called, ‘reinvention.’ And it is as old as the hills.

Across history and the continents, people have always searched for greener pastures. If you aren’t Native American, your relatives came to this continent in search of two quests: spiritual freedom and the right to earn and keep prosperity. Heck, even Native Americans emigrated across the Bering Straights to the American Southwest and beyond. Why? For a better life. More food, wild game, shelter, open land—namely, freedom & prosperity. The pursuit of happiness. It takes courage, inspiration, defiance– and the spirit of achievement, especially for our offspring and future generations. And after thousands of years on planet Earth, nothing has changed. People are still sprawling out, looking for greener pastures and the key to a better future for their kids.

Americans already have tightened their belts: our politicians have not. Look at the 340 MILLION dollars spent thus far on government getaways– http://video.foxnews.com/v/2194624315001/government-employees-exploit-blank-check-of-taxpayer-money/

–spent on over-priced conferences, trips, and airliners that resemble paradise in the skies! And for what? Are teleconferences, or SKYPE, ineffective forms of communication and groupthink? ‘Hardly. But some government workers take blatant advantage of the unknowing American taxpayer, and stiff the public till because they can. One such recent conference cost American tax payers over 150 thousand dollars—with the events planner earning in excess of $53,000.00! Ego! Pride goeth before the fall.

The reason why Americans have no patience for rhetorical threats of fiscal cliffs and sequestration is because we already tighten our family’s fiscal belt. We live it. We have to: world governments engage in money wars, leaving their employers— we, the people—holding the proverbial bag of bankruptcy. Here we are, 16+ trillion dollars in debt—and growing by the second– with the executive spending a million dollars on a Hawaiian vacation. I genuinely like the POTUS—he has many likeable traits– but this is not behavior which sets a realistic example of prudent fiscal leadership. Government serves the People, not the other way around: government must follow the suit of it’s employers: We, the American people.

Sequestration? It should become the basis of the new American budget, part of the regular routine. Slash 10% across the boards. How else will the American government learn from it’s people– it’s employers—to follow our example and live within the bounds of a balanced budget? Looks like Washington D.C. could use an attitude adjustment: try it, folks! It works! Government: Stop mortgaging our kids’ and grandkids’ future! Follow the lead of the American people!

Citizens: get involved! Email your government representatives today! Demand a balanced budget now. Cut the pork!

Blessed day, one and all. And God Bless the United States of America!


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