Standing At The Abyss

Standing At The Edge Of The Abyss

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In brief…

I love my country! The land of the free and the home of the brave. Just as other individuals must deeply love their own countries… their homelands. But there is substantial trouble brewing. Trouble that will not be resolved overnight. Decisions made today will affect us for generations. Right now, America is engaged in a war of rhetoric against itself: with some believing that we can continue endlessly borrowing from other nations, primarily, China and Russia– to whom we are selling our gold reserves; while others believe that borrowing to pay ourselves is a one-one ticket into oblivion. It pains me to see this great divide between the masses: each half convinced that their side is right. But, in fact, if we can put aside our political rhetoric long enough to look deep inside ourselves, we would find that WE’RE ALL ON THE SAME SIDE: THE SIDE OF JUSTICE. That’s my prayer, my wish, my blessing– for ALL the people of the WORLD to know that we’re all on the same side. The side of justice. For ourselves, our grandchildren and the future.


It’s been a few months since I’ve blogged– OK, four. Four long, empty months– partly because I had to stop and watch the world go around… and partly because I started new work that is quite consuming. But, hey– something triggered my thought this evening after a hard day on the hamster wheel…. The film, “Wall Street.” The one classic scene which I can recall, almost verbatim– which I’ll get to in a second.

First of, if you’re paying attention to the news, you know what’s going on in Washington, D.C.. Not much– at least, that is to say, Congress is not doing much except passing the gauntlet back and forth between the two major parties, each one claiming to be victimized by the other. In the meantime, almost half the population is on some sort of social welfare: disability; food stamps; welfare. And why? Because, like every other country on the planet, America is broke and getting broker. Almost 17 TRILLION dollars in the hole. And what is leadership doing? BORROWING more plus printing hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars each and every month, trying to keep two steps ahead of the bill collector. Except that the bill collector is– well, us– John and Jane Q. Citizen. The people of America are being held hostage by our political leaders. And why? Well, that’s the 64-thousand dollar question. And the one I can’t figure out, except to say– that the parties in D.C. are both fighting for political position. The Democrats will do anything to gain political yardage for the 2014 elections; and the Republicans will do anything to take the 2014 elections.

But, the truth is, that someone has to stand up and be the HERO in this madness. Unemployment statistics show a minor decrease (meaning more people are working, right?) Wrong– the statisticians are playing with numbers: if we were to factor in: recent college graduates still looking for full time gainful employment: those unemployed who had given up looking for work altogether; and those now working either part-time or temporary jobs: and, sad to say, if we took an honest assessment of minority workers who have a higher unemployment rate– then the unemployment statistic would realistically be closer to something like 15- or 16%. Like other countries around the globe. Why aren’t we getting the real numbers? Because it is not politically correct.

And that is where we are selling ourselves short.

Look– if a teenager were to ‘borrow’ his or her parents’ car, drive in excess of the speed limit, and stay out past legal curfew– and then have an accident, what would a good parent do? Besides driving to the hospital to make sure everyone is all right, and besides having a meltdown– he or she would naturally embrace their fool-hearty kid, thank God almighty, that s/he was OK– and wonder how or if the parent had played any part in the mess at all– at least during the punishment phase of this drama.

But, what can a normal citizen (or, as in my case, ‘almost’ normal citizen,) do, exactly, in response to the runaway car on the highway that is going on in Washington? Besides drafting a few emails and phone calls, here and there, imploring for reason? Well, let me tell you about MY part in this whole mess. As a citizen, I’ve been overall irresponsible and apathetic about developments that have put America on the path we find ourselves now. A generation ago, plus or minus, when I studied about the growing national deficit, I pooh-poohed it: thinking that 20 or 30 years into the future are too far away, and couldn’t touch me… besides, after achieving some pricey degrees and a hefty career to boot, why should I worry about someone else’s problems? If this sounds at all familiar, welcome to the club. So, basically, I have no-one to blame except myself for the apathy and ignorance and self-centered drive that kept my attention clearly focused on a personal robust future, all the while, I forgot to watch was going on outside my narrow window. Cold comfort for my future grandchildren.

It may sound like I’m beating myself up… but I’m not. Because I am contributing through emails and phone calls, as I said, bringing my opinions and concerns to the forefront. And, don’t forget, prayer. Prayer moves mountains, as the Bible says, and I don’t believe I’m being politically incorrect to say so– once upon a time in this great land of ours, the Ivy Leagues were initially established to train Ministers and preachers, not politicians and economists– a little known fact, perhaps, but nevertheless, true. And since I find myself now instigated to go back to my roots of ‘petitioning government,’ encouraged by the Framers of the Constitution, I rather enjoy a good Biblical quote now and then. I hope you do, too. If you don’t know too many, may I suggest a read now and then.

Living simply, to simply live, also means to me to take responsibility for one’s own decisions– which is exactly why I simply prefer to live unencumbered and free– I just don’t like being ‘beholden’ to anyone else: least of all, government. I may not be a member of Congress, but I sure do petition the members. And I now tell them what I think. And what I think is this: I like Democracy, not Socialism. I don’t like Socialism much at all, possibly because I’ve met many people over the course of my life, who had fled Socialism and Communism, risking life and limb to live freely under the flag of Democracy. And the American flag is the tallest in that department. Worth fighting for.

So, re-building a tattered career takes much of my time, but I still have time left over for my blog (bless you all for reading!) And I do apologize for the delay… or abyss… which reminds me….

…the final scene of the third act of “Wall Street,” Oliver Stone’s masterpiece, opens when Bud, the film’s protagonist, just arrives at his prestigious job, trading other people’s money for a fat commission, to find the packed office heavy with an ominous silence. He glides nonchalantly through the luxurious rooms, co-workers afraid to look at him, as if seeing a ghost… as Bud asks, “what’s going on? –Who died?” When, suddenly, his mentor, clasps his arm around Bud’s shoulder, whispering, “when a man stands at the abyss, the only thing looking back at him is his character… and that’s what keeps him from going into the abyss…”

America: our character must keep us from going into the abyss, as so many other great nations have gone– as long as we see our character. We must look deep inside ourselves, before we can see character deep within each other.

Blessed day, one and all. And God Bless the Principles of the United States of America!


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