About Me

Welcome!  To the blog: RightOnTheTruth.com.

My name is Suzy Right and I am a writer and author of this blog.  I’m just getting going on the “blog-biz.”   And there are too many hot-topics in the news to ignore.

This blog is DEDICATED to telling the TRUTH about the issue du’ jour: whatever the current event may be.

I will TELL THE TRUTH and present multiple sides of the issues discussed… even if I do not personally agree.  I will use hard facts, stats, quotes or statements from others… and forego any ‘fighting words,’ that only incite discord.  The purpose of RightOnTheTruth.com is to spur honest discussion and to promote understanding of  topics that will be added each week.

The backbone of Democracy is its free press…. to speak the TRUTH freely.  Free speech is everyone’s right… but ‘fighting words,’ that anger people are not part of our Constitutional rights.  Dividing our nation is not my scene.  But free speech sure is!  America is the diverse land of many voices–  I will address challenges to  encourage mutual respect and honest exchange.  Being ‘hard on problems, but soft on people,’ is the basis of creating solutions.

Read this blog… and feel free to leave non-inflammatory comments (as I build this site every week,) and review the growing list of e-books soon to be available on the site, if they interest you– because if I wrote it, it’s Right On The Truth.


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