How To Fix The Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California Border Crisis

By Suzy Right, LLC
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In Brief…

How could anyone abandon children to travel alone as strangers in a strange land, absent provisions over hundreds of treacherous miles, knowingly subjecting them women to gangs and human predators? Through desperation. Multiple governments have enabled this travesty. And God only knows, nobody is perfect. But there is a humane way out. And it is not complicated. The cost is sustainable. But it consists of fair compromises. And honesty. (Note the Department of Homeland Security Mission statement at the close of this blog.)

It is time to put politics aside. All people need to work together as members of one race– the human race– to resolve challenges for the good of all humanity. If America doesn’t do it, no other country will. It has been said that when America is strong, the world is angry; but when America is weak, the world is dangerous. That said, let us look forward.

Here are some humane solutions, based on fair and honest ideas:

1. First and foremost, secure the border. Without a secure border, nothing else will work. Because illegal aliens will only continue to pour in to escape tyranny and abject poverty. Refugees hope to find freedom– while terrorists hope to destroy freedom for humanity. A strong border protects THE WORLD. All people should demand a strong border. Period.

2. With a secure border, we need a single processing center in ONE concerted location. All refugees MUST be processed through this ONE processing center, with no exceptions, and include levels of processing, with local, state and national governments working together. America has the right—and the RESPONSIBILTY—to know who is coming in– don’t you have the right to know who is in your house? How many terrorists, drug dealers and criminals are getting through our border right now? Do you know? Ask the border patrol: they know, and why they are imploring government to respond effectively. –This processing center would work in concert with a global network of resources (see HSA quote at the end of this blog,) and assess and maintain a safe cap on the numbers of entries each year. Criminals and terrorists would be expelled back to their own governments post haste– with those governments paying for travel expenses. (see #6.) Yes, this is flat-out racism: human racism, the bias to preserve, protect and defend the human race from criminal and terrorist behaviors.

3. Confine immigrants to non-used Army and military bases, barracks-style. National Guard units and retired military members would rotate as paid peacekeepers. (see #6) Refugees aren’t prisoners– but neither are they Americans. Everyone will work: let the people grow their own food; clean their living quarters; repair the facilities; wash and sew their clothes, etc.. NO FREE RIDE. People work hard when they reap the fruits of their own labor.

4. Implement educational classes. Reading, writing and speaking English. Also, math, civics, law and banking. Teach them marketable skills through a core of retired or volunteer teachers. Teach American history and government because if you want to be an American, you must understand the heart and soul of America: why they have come here. –As people learn, they can help teach the newbies. Use internet courses. Employ reasonable healthcare: network the Medical Schools with advanced med students working under the auspices of Doctor-instructors. Base healthcare upon proven health habits: eating healthfully (a plant based diet grown on premises,) no junk food; no tobacco, no alcohol, no drugs; no junk TV, no violence, no pornography, etc.. A library is a good way to spend time. (Read how to pay for this in #6.) –Provide access to volunteer spiritual leaders via honest principles for the universal good of humankind: NOT perversions that advocate genocide, crime or terrorism. –Those who proceed through this plan, sign legally binding documents swearing to protect, preserve, and defend the Constitution of the United States, so help me God. Their efforts should be no less than the oath at a Presidential Inauguration. Of course they are free to decline, and instead, return to their own countries and pay for their own travel. These are tough choices, folks. But these are humane choices, too.

5. See who emerges from this 3-year, 4-year, or 5- year PROCESS, as leaders in positions of public trust, who then could assist other refugees though this lawful, fair and humane process. IF AND WHEN individuals DEMONSTRATE full abilities to take their place in American society– with language skills, self-sufficiency and THEY UPHOLD THE LAW– then, and ONLY THEN, should they be allowed to become naturalized citizens. Research data show that when people LEGALLY immigrate to the USA and work hard to better themselves, communities grow strong: within 3 generations they are business owners and college graduates– law abiding citizens. Global thinkers acknowledge the fact that higher education is key to upward mobility AND dispelling terrorism. People who see opportunity in their future aren’t suicide bombers: but intolerance stems from enslavement to lies and deception.

6. OK– here’s the money part. So, how does America PAY FOR THIS PLAN? She doesn’t: the new citizens do– as do governments who encourage their citizens to leave:

A. For each individual entering the processing center, send a monthly bill to their former governments. Deduct this expense from US FOREIGN AID. Aid to Mexico and Columbia alone tops out at a BILLION DOLLARS a year. American leadership repeatedly campaigns, “everyone should pay their fair share.” They are right! Everyone means everyone.

B. If, after completing this humane and regimented process, and people are living in American society as LEGAL and LAW-ABIDING CITIZENS, earning a LEGITIMATE paycheck, then it is time to pay their fair share. Collect a percentage of their pay from each working citizen every month from every naturalized citizen. This repayment could extend for 10 years, or more. All people would have been informed about their choices up front via initial processing. Each has the freedom to choose to take advantage of this plan, or go back. These are tough choices, but don’t we all have tough choices to make in life?

There is a reason why people flock to American shores. Most come to create lives of opportunities; others want only to destroy the American Dream. But honest, hard working people come to America to live in opportunity and freedom. And Freedom is not free. It carries the responsibility to preserve, protect and defend freedom, and do so fairly and honestly.

There IS a better way than CHAOS on the border.

What are your thoughts? Is it better to teach others to fish… or to feed them a fish?

If this plan has sustainable ideas, send it to our Congress. –Thank you.

And to quote Ronald Reagan, “God Bless America.”

–Right On The Truth
By Suzy Right, LLC

Here’s what the Department of Homeland Security was created for:
The Department of Homeland Security would make Americans safer because our nation would have:
One department whose primary mission is to protect the American homeland;
One department to secure our borders, transportation sector, ports, and critical
One department to synthesize and analyze homeland security intelligence from multiple
One department to coordinate communications with state and local governments, private
industry, and the American people about threats and preparedness;
One department to coordinate our efforts to protect the American people against
bioterrorism and other weapons of mass destruction;
One department to help train and equip for first responders;
One department to manage federal emergency response activities; and
More security officers in the field working to stop terrorists and fewer resources in
Washington managing duplicative and redundant activities that drain critical homeland
security resource