The FEAR Factor

The Fear Factor:
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In Brief….

When we speak of FEAR, we speak what we THINK is FEAR. Alfred Hitchcock, the great slight-of-hand film maker, said that human imagination is the most dangerous thing on earth. That’s the essence of so-called, TERRORISM: designed to arouse fear for what COULD happen. Extremists expend their lives plotting crimes against humanity, to instill fear. This illegitimate power is a temporary chaos. Genuine power and strength build nations and justice– and are born of COURAGE to do the right thing, for the right reason; righteousness. Every culture produces heroes that build good– and fools that destroy themselves. Heroes, like principles, are eternal. Our job is to bless the fools on their way; and bless the heroes by picking up the baton and doing right, for right reasons.

America is a culture of contrasts. People flock here from around the world for Freedom and the pursuit of their own happiness. America was born out of revolution against an unjust system– and the Republic has seen many power plays back and forth ever since! Other nations are evolving likewise. Like all cultures, America has seen the best and the worst of humanity. Our history embodies the struggle for justice for all. But some desire tyranny and revenge instead, and attempt to subvert others into relinquishing their freedom through fear. This violent struggle is not unique to America.

For example, will ‘terrorism’ kill educational opportunities for Pakistani women? A school bus was ambushed there by the Taliban, a mob of angry men– angry about girls going to school. One man shot a young school girl in the head and neck, intending to kill her and to kill education for all girls. But this girl is a fighter– she was nursed back to health in the UK, and became an international symbol of justice for women, global-wide. Her name is Malala and now a citizen of Canada, receiving education and international recognition for her courage and tenacity to stand up to terror. She has the support of at least 50 Islamic Clerics, who issued a Fatwa, a legal judgement, against the man who attacked Malala. Did he succeed? 75,000 young Pakistani girls now attend school. Courage.

And why do Pakistani girls want an education? For the same reasons why anyone wants an education. To think and decide for themselves how to live. And that usually means, freedom. A petition was launched, using the slogan, “I Am Malala,” which led to Pakistan’s first ‘Right to Education Bill’ for girls. Courage.

Why hasn’t the Taliban succeeded in their tactics? Because people are waking up to the fact that FEAR equals ENSLAVEMENT.

Once a bully bullies us into FEARING what the bully MAY do to us, and we live in fear of the bully, we stop dreaming our dreams and abandon our FREEDOM– we become SLAVES. And the bullying will never end. Because bullies are never satisfied– they live in fear of being bullied themselves, so they keep up the ruse, intensifying their fear-tactics. That’s how the Taliban became angry in the first place. They were brain-washed and bullied into slavery, acting out what they were told to perform. And education teaches us how to think, not bullying us into telling us what to think: that is why bullies fail in the face of reason. And that is why so-called terrorism is failing around the world. It is time for the bullies to come in from the cold.

When I heard about the angry man who shot Malala and left her for dead, I prayed. I don’t want anyone to be a slave. I researched where she was taken to heal: and I emailed the hospital a prayer for Malala. It spoke about how God is Good: the two words come from the same root in Indo-European language. I would imagine that various cultures worshiping one loving and benevolent God, share a similar God-Good derivative in language. And even if some children are taught that God is evil, that lie is planted out of FEAR, not Godly Truth or Love for Mankind. The time for thinkers has come. Courage.

Like many people, I pray for Malala and the world. And that means praying for to quell violence. Prayer is the only true weapon. Nothing else can heal the broken heart. Like the song says, Love is the answer. We can hate the sin– the deed– but we must love the sinner. Separate the deed from the doer. Raising a child in hate– or abuse, cocaine, or violence– results with grownups who hate– abuse others, use drugs or are violent. I know, because I’ve wronged my fellow man.

Years ago, I hated my ex-spouse. We bludgeoned each other with fear and coercion. A pattern replicated from childhood teachings. But it didn’t help me heal from a broken heart: it cost me my dignity and self-respect which delayed my healing. Eventually, I re-evaluated my motives and desires: I wanted a better life. Years later, when faced with an opportunity for us to meet in court, I wielded honesty and strength. This time, my conscience was clear as I offered an olive branch of Truth– and was protected from false threats of fear. I followed the rules of decency and civility– and that is what resulted. Now, decades later, with a grown son and daughter who respect the honesty through which this was resolved, they read documents that speak of justice, not self-justification.

Justice for one preserves justice for all people. like Malala and millions of everyday heroes, who stand up for Life, Truth and Love, in every land. Courage benefits all Mankind. Revenge destroys itself. Justice sustains the world– and our children, and their children. We must embrace our humanity in order to grow, learn, live, love and forgive our foolish mistakes. Forgive self first, to forgive our neighbors, especially those who betray us through violence, lies, or unjust laws. No more fear. Just… Courage.

Perhaps Malala would agree with Thomas Jefferson, when he courageously wrote: We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Blessed day, One and All!

Love, Suzy

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